Pender Island
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Sandy and Jim built the Little Log Cabin by hand (with the guidance of the Building Inspector). The project was started in 1993 and after many long days and a little blood, sweat and tears, it was finally completed in 1996. As part of the construction, they built their own crane to handle the assembly of logs and the rafters.

They lived in this lovely little cabin from 1996 until 2009, when they moved into their new log house further up the property. They miss the cozy atmosphere of the little cabin but there are a lot of great memories of warm winter fires and hot summer BBQ's.

Sandy has many interests including art, tai-chi and auto mechanics. She has been a school bus driver and professional house cleaner. She is also a great hostess. Jim has many interests including bagpipes, woodworking, motorcycles and poker. He is the local appliance repairman, is part of the local pipe band, and has been an electrical project manager. They are both friendly and look forward to your visit.

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